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By Mayleen Ramey

The fabled island of Ibiza. To most, Ibiza is synonymous with “nightlife”. To some, it’s a holiday beach destination or even spiritual retreat. And to those in the know, it’s all of these…and more. If you’ve had a chance to visit the island over the years and through the seasons (I've been six times!), you’ll understand the unique allure of this destination. Of course, during the summer, you’ll find the best EDM and music scene. But moving away from the city center, you’ll discover a picturesque island, with beautiful backdrops from pine forests to coastal cliffs. You’ll get to know a community of artists and hippies, who reside here year round, drawn by the mystical nature and idyllic weather.

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And if you’re on a racquet roadtrip, like me, you won’t have to drive far to find some charming courts and a thriving tennis scene. Unlike other Spanish islands, like Mallorca, this isn’t an obvious tennis getaway. There aren’t any famed academies or grand tennis resorts to write home about. What Ibiza does offer, however, are high-end villas in abundance. Villas complete with every amenity a traveler desires and that likely includes a dreamy backyard tennis court.

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Stay & Play: Sabina Ibiza

One vibrant luxury community, on the west side of Ibiza, which offers the perfect setting to stay and play is Sabina Ibiza. These architectural villas, considered the most eco-friendly in all of Spain, are built around a clubhouse, creating a sense of community within the private residences. In addition to the elevated aesthetic, Sabina offers a stunning tennis and padel facility, boasting two clay tennis courts (and one padel) set atop a bluff, overlooking an expanse of sky and sea. For an unforgettable day, book a private lesson with coach and former ATP pro, Stephane Woit, who teaches at the most exclusive clubs and villas on the island.

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Refuel in Santa Eulària des Riu

Just a 20-minute drive from Ibiza town, yet far removed from the party vibes, is the relaxing seaside escape of Santa Eulària. A favorite getaway for expats and discerning locals, Santa Eulària sits next to a marina on the east side of Ibiza, featuring some of the island’s best restaurants and views along the promenade. Restaurante Estel is an ideal spot to enjoy the sunshine for an après-tennis meal and glass (or two) of cava.

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Recharge Your Mental Game

The only place in Ibiza more revered than famed nightclub, Pacha, is a rock formation called Es Vedrà. One can’t say they truly understand the essence of Ibiza until they’ve felt the intense, yet dramatically different, energies of both. Es Vedrà, a 400 meter-tall monolithic limestone that emerges from the Balearic Sea, is considered an energy vortex with mystical powers, where spiritualists and captivated tourists make the trek to encounter the wonder firsthand.

For a full mental recharge and extraordinary way to end the day, schedule a sunset crystal healing with Light Hands Ibiza. As dozens of crystals line your chakras in the golden setting sun, experience a reiki healing that is intensified by the presence of Es Vedrà and the soul of this magical isle.

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▪️Estel Restaurant in Santa Eularia: @estelibiza
▪️Light Hands Ibizas - Reiki Master  & Crystal Healer: @light_hands_ibiza
▪️Pacha Nightclub - Iconic venue since 1973: @pachaofficial

For more in-depth Ibiza recommendations of where to stay & play, check out my City Guide (coming soon)!

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