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Mayleen Ramey

Creator & Curator, Racquet Roadtrip

Mayleen Ramey, tennis travel expert, poses for a photoshoot on a private court in Beverly Hills

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t traveling or playing tennis. My childhood as a competitive junior tennis player and third culture kid, then career as a TV host are filled with countless memories of courts, resorts and airplanes. You can learn more about my background here.

Unable to travel internationally during lockdown, I began exploring destinations a little closer to home and realized that some of the most breathtaking places to play tennis were in my very own backyard (Los Angeles). Discovering dream courts and the surrounding cities became a new hobby that I started posting about on social media. Jumping in my car, packed  to the brim with tennis gear, camera equipment, and lots of snacks, became a weekly occurrence. 

As a TV producer & travel show host, it soon dawned on me that my little excursions could be more than a pastime. I decided to share this passion even more extensively through travel guides and visual storytelling. Documenting my experiences, while also building a resource that could inspire others to dream and explore. Thus, Racquet Roadtrip officially hit the road and the internet

I've since visited dozens of cities around the world, seeking out the most beautiful places to play tennis, as well as where to stay, and have the most fun (and best food) along the way. I hope you'll follow along and enjoy my tennis travel adventures! Plus, embark on a few of your own.

-- Mayleen

Mayleen Ramey sits courtside at La Quinta Resort & Club
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